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Signs there is no love in your relations

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Read: LADIES CAN WE HAVE A HEART TO HEART TALK FOR A MOMENT? I know you have Someone that you love so much but most times you feel he doesn't love you as much as you love him... You keep wondering why he no longer loves you like when u newly met him.. Why has he completely changed? For example he doesn't call you those pet names anymore or text and call you unlike before, even when u call him.. he is always sounding weak as if he has forgotten that he should have called you. Most time you feel like breaking up with him but your heart don't have the courage to do so... Yes! You love his look, he is damn handsome, tall, loaded with six-packs, fair, thick and financially okay .Infact he has everything you needed in a man but the only thing that keeps bothering you is the fact that : 1. He ignores u Sometimes 2. He doesn't call for days except you do 3. You apologize to him both for your wrongs and his wrongs. And many more. Now listen some men are HUNTERS, every man knows where his heart Belongs to..... The truth is that you are the reason why he has been putting up those attitude and behavior.. You have became the "hunter" you have showed him how weak your heart is... You have loved him beyond measure and brought yourself so low and cheap before him... As a LADY deep down in your heart, you know there is a particular man out there that's ready to wash your feet and treat you like a queen that you are But you choose to neglect, ignore, abuse and insult him all because he don't have money, don't ride the lastes car, doesn't dress well. Am not saying you shouldn't love a man or be with a man you love... But what now happens to you when that person you love with your whole heart which has been the reason why you ignore every other men, just to be with him and still he doesn't show you any care or doesn't have any single love for you? And many at times it's not as if the other person dying to have you isn't good enough for you but because of things like his appearance, he is not tall enough, he is fat, he is not from my tribe, he is not your class, not your taste and so on.. Well done madam high class! You reject a man who truly loves you and adores you no matter how harsh you are to him or how disrespectful you are to him. You keep driving him away and yet he has refuse to give up on you...all because you are busy dying to love or get the attention of a man who only loved you then simply because he's only after that thing inbetween your leg and is now tired of loving you... Why not let go of that man who makes you cry? Why not let the Mr always busy go? He disappears when you need him most and appears and start giving you excuses and unnecessary pleads yet you still hold until him because you sincerely loves him.. Congrats madam loveth! All because he is too cute, he is my dream man you have started doing things you aren't supposed to do as a woman, you now turn the table around... Presently he is now the one begging you to leave him alone... He is now doing everything possible to make you understand that he doesn't love you anymore yet u are blinded by what you see that got you attracted to him ,talking about his complexion, broad chest, height, money and so on...Be wise ma! Is it his body appearance, and all those things you admire about him that will sustain you? You always cry Openly and Secretly because of him yet he doesn't care. Do not a llow yourself to be seen as cheap all the time. You have became something else because you are trying to prove and show your love to someone who doesn't love you anymore.... Once you notice that he has been acting funny without a good reason or explanation.. kindly give him space! You were much alive before you met him then why do you think you can't do without him? You think you can't love someone else the way you loved him? That's a lie all you need is to give that young Man(yes that man you said you don't love) A Chance to love you and make u feel special and watchout if you won't love him back.. Go for someone who will makes you smile, happy and treat you like a queen that you are! Leave those time wasters alone coz you will spend all your valuable moment of your life loving him without him showing any care in return. Your happiness first before any other thing honey.... Love isn't a do or die affair... True love isn't forced... it's flows naturally.. Always have it in mind that your type of person is always someone else prayer point my dear beautiful friend. And I always wish you all the very best of all in your love life.

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