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1.Using Our Services

trendstribe is a site that allows free download and upload of Trending Content. Uploading any content does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights, the content you access and download is free, so is the content you Upload. All trendstribe content can be accessed and downloaded by all trendstribers for free.

2.Content Upload Standards

All Contents(Videos, Photos, Audio, New/Blogpost) Uploaded on trendstribe will pass through content regulation and filteration processes for removal of adult content and other contents that does not meet our prefered standard before Any content will be approved for viewing and accessed in our public pages. filteration processes will take no time to complete.

Warning: We Do Not Allow Pornographic Contents On this Site


For all users trendstribe. It is important You know this awesome technique to help promote your contents. we rate contents by their amount Views and likes, so if you can get your content to be liked and view numerous times, it surely a win for you. You can like more than just once, So promote/Advertise Yourself to top the posts and get attention from visitors of trendstribe.

3.User Obligations

As we try to minimize illicit uploads of adult contents as we have already stated above, You As a registered user of trendstribe service, you represent that you are of legal age to access and view some of this contents if you come across them. We consider all trendstribe's visitors, clients and registered users as part of our trendstribe family, hence we will need your co-operation and assistance by providing us information on how to best serve you all. Please do that by leaving us comments on the homepage comment section. We love you All.

4.Upload Priviledges

Upload priviledges are reserved for only trendstribe registered users, While we allow free download for visitors, Any visitor who wish to upload a content should sign up in other to get the trendstriber upload priviledges.

5.Trendstribe Attribution

By using trendstribe, you acknowledge that all data/content obtained through trendstribe remains the intellectual property of trendstribe, and agree to attribute URL Rating and trendstribe in any publication or distribution of said content/data.

6.Unauthorized Uses

You must not Remodify, adapt or hack trendstribe Services or modify another website so as to falsely imply that it is associated with the Service or Trendstribe. You may not reverse engineer or reuse source code that is in public view. This includes any and all javascript.

The code is trendstribe's copyright. You shall not transmit any worms or viruses or any code of a destructive nature. You agree not to modify this website(trendstribe.com) in any manner or form, nor to use modified versions of the website(trendstribe.com), including (without limitation) for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the website(trendstribe.com).
All attempts to access website, server or database of trendstribe by the means of any automatic tools or in any unnatural way is prohibited.

7.Periodic Modification

Trendstribe is social site that is constantly evolving. we'll be adding modifications to better user experience periodically.

8.Unauthorized Content

Trendstribe allows free upload of contents(videos, music, photos, New/Blogspost). By choosing to upload any content(videos, music, photos, News/Blogspost) you represent and affirm that you have the authority to upload such Content. We hereby state clearly that we wont be held responsible for uploads of Unauthorized content.

9.Uploads Withdrawal Period

Trendstribe is a dynamic social website. And in other to keep our content as recent as possible, We have set an Upload Withdrawal Period to edge-Out Previous Contents Uploaded and Pushing in New Trending Contents.
Note that all contents Uploaded for free promotion might last for only a period of 48 hours,while Uploads of Articles/News in our blog section will last for a period of 7 days. Uploading a content once more, after its removal is allowed.

10.Trendstribe Ads

For all users and visitors, we will like you to know that trendstribe is a big social site, which means we will be having so many Ads, please you would have to bear with us, we will try to minimize our Ads as much as possible to better user experience, so if our Ads disturb you, just leave a comment for us on the home page comment section or you could reach us on our socialmedia pages. thank you.